Schoenthaler’s extensive experience with emerging companies encompasses a wide variety of industry sectors. Our legal team deftly maneuvers through complex issues specific to life sciences, the Internet, software, digital media, hardware, telecommunications and clean technology.

The services we provide are tailored to individual client needs and objectives, and they change throughout the arc of a company’s growth. Working with great companies has taught us a few universal truths that have shaped the values and practices of the Schoenthaler Law Group:


Pursuing Perishable Market Opportunities, Entrepreneurs Need Counsel Who Work At Their Speed

Our team is efficient, accessible and responsive. We know our clients count on us to find solutions, not raise barriers. We believe a problem is something to be solved, not something to derail progress.


Technology Companies Need Lawyers Who Are Comfortable With Technology

Not all of our emerging company clients are technology companies, but most of them are. We are inspired by the technologies and services they have developed, and our technically savvy professionals have the perspective of end-users as well as attorneys. Our knowledge of technology helps us to understand fully our clients’ businesses, which is critical to providing top-notch legal service.