When a company is facing litigation, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant, it must consider a number of cost, benefit, and risk factors that could negatively impact the bottom line. Schoenthaler litigators help our clients minimize the uncertainties by providing a solid foundation of practical experience in multiple areas of the law, broad resources to handle the matter, and strategic vision to achieve a positive result.

Schoenthaler Law maintains a full-service bankruptcy and restructuring practice with proven success representing virtually all constituencies in a distressed situation. We provide counsel for debtors, creditors and third parties in out-of-court negotiations as well as representation in state and local court litigation.


Our team of litigation attorneys have extensive jury and bench trial experience in major state jurisdictions. We also regularly represent clients in proceedings before a wide range of administrative agencies such as state utilities and regulatory agencies and commissions.


We take pride in our expertise and accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Relevant industry experience
  • Our successful track record with high stakes cases
  • Efficient, effective case management and staffing
  • Evaluation of litigation risks, costs and alternatives