The financial transactions of today’s high-tech economy, often get entangled in multiple layers of complex legal, business and relationship issues. The experienced counsel of Schoenthaler have proven familiarity with market terms, structures and techniques, ensuring trust in our clients that we will secure the best possible deal financially, as well as in terms of business flexibility.

Schoenthaler attorneys have handled complex deals on a regular basis throughout their careers. This experience enables them to provide efficient, cost-effective insight into the terms and structures their clients can and should seek for their major financings.


Our attorneys are familiar with a broad range of transaction types, including secured and unsecured loans, asset-based loans, mezzanine loans, subordinated loans, real estate loans for the acquisition, development, construction and term financing of all types of properties, conduit loans, securitization transactions, commercial mortgage-backed securities, commercial paper transactions, medium term note transactions, public finance and municipal bonds, tax credit transactions, equipment and aircraft financings, and various forms of rated debt offerings in structured finance transactions.