Schoenthaler Law has consistently and successfully represented clients in patent litigation cases involving technologies such as computer science, biotech, semiconductors, telecom, mechanical and electrical engineering, consumer products and medical devices.

At Schoenthaler our lawyers have over 20 years of experience leading our clients to fair and just results. With experience in both jury and bench trials, Schoenthaler attorneys have the discipline and knowledge needed in sophisticated matters.


Our firms attorneys have varying and diverse technical backgrounds. Schoenthaler attorneys are capable of resolving patent disputes from simple mechanical inventions to large corporate business processes. We are not intimidated by our competitors, our firm enlists seasoned veterans of law with experience to stand against the largest corporations.


We fully realize that litigation is a business issue, not just a legal issue. And our team also understands our client’s business priorities, and we focus on resolving disputes with the best business result for the client, including litigation-prevention strategies such as alternative dispute resolution, licensing options and joint ventures.