Schoenthaler’s strength comes from the diverse skill set of its team members. We prosecute domestic and international patents related to a broad range of high-tech innovations all over the world. We routinely conduct a battery of assessments, analyses, investigations and audits for novelty, validity and patentability, design-around and product clearance, invalidity and infringement, and intellectual property for due diligence and asset management programs.

With experience as counsel to government agencies, businesses and universities, our patent attorneys offer clients a perspective focused on solving real-world business issues and legal challenges.


Schoenthaler attorneys have over 25 years of prosecution experience with an array of arts. We specialize in fixed fee work that guarantees our clients a budget and timeline.


Our prosecution is custom tailored to the clients needs and we pride ourselves on individualized, strategic prosecution work. We keep the clients goals in mind and tailor our applications to meet those needs.