In the intense competition of today’s economy, protecting a company’s trade secrets and other proprietary business information is critical. As information and employees become increasingly fluid in a diverse marketplace, companies must adopt comprehensive strategies to secure and protect the full spectrum of their business assets.

At Schoenthaler Law, we represent plaintiffs and defendants, from startups to large corporations, in high-stakes disputes as well as counseling matters to prevent the loss of proprietary information and threats to trade secrets.


Whether moving swiftly to obtain preliminary injunctions or strategically assembling a trial-tested team to uphold clients’ rights, Schoenthaler is highly experienced with the timing, critical components and compelling arguments of trade secrets claims. Our approach is cross-disciplinary, a reflection of the often technical underlay of these claims, and is carried out by a deep bench of attorneys advising in such areas as:

  • Litigation
  • Employment
  • Criminal Matters and Internal Investigations
  • Business Counseling and Transactions
  • Government Contracts


From defending against scorched earth litigation tactics to pursuing unscrupulous competitors or former employees, we are especially gifted at managing complex, massive, multiparty trade secret litigation in a practical and effective way, two words not usually associated with such cases.