The value and significance of trademark, copyright and other Intellectual Property rights to businesses and individuals cannot be overstated, and the attorneys of Schoenthaler understand this. We are skilled and adept at prosecuting infringement claims or defending against infringement claims, to protect the intellectual property of our clients.

In addition to handling trademark & copyright litigation, our attorneys help clients develop and implement IP investigation and enforcement programs. Our firm has deep experience in patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other IP-related cases, and regularly addresses the nuanced issues that can arise in these cases. We have experience litigating IP matters around the country, in a multitude of technology arenas as well as within the arts, and a wide array of other industries.


    • Copyright litigation:
      Our copyright litigators represent clients in cases involving works of all varieties, from art to semiconductor microcode.


    • Trademark litigation:
      We have extensive experience litigating trademark, trade dress, dilution, unfair competition, false advertising, false endorsement, domain name, gray market and anti-counterfeiting claims, as well as before the Trademark and Trial Appeal Board (TTAB).


  • Intellectual property enforcement programs for copyrights, trademarks, and domain names:
    Our litigators efficiently and comprehensively address infringement issues for companies that depend upon their IP rights, helping them detect, investigate, and address issues with an arsenal that includes cease & desist programs, alternative dispute resolution, civil litigation programs, and criminal referrals.